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You've Been Served.  Process Server Lance Casey & Associates states “Find a good process server by looking online. Check their reviews on Yelp and Google. Need a good process server in the Sacramento California area to serve your legal documents? Hire Process Server Lance Casey & Associates. Call us at (800) 683-4769. The process is easy. Just email or Fax (916) 244-2636 your documents. We can even pick up your documents if you’re in the Sacramento area. After we print your documents, we will call you and obtain payment over the phone. Our first attempt is usually the same day.”

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What You Need To Know About Service of Process

Service of process is often a crucial step in the starting of any civil lawsuit. This is something so vital in a trial that if it isn’t conducted appropriately, a lawsuit cannot commence. Another reason why this service is crucial is that it establishes that a court hearing any trial has the jurisdiction over a defendant. This procedure is also essential because it serves as a notification to the defendant that the plaintiff is pursuing a lawsuit and that the court will listen to the impending trial.

Methods of Service

Three methods are often used for service of process: personal service, service by publication, and substituted service. Although all three methods are legally acceptable, Personal service is usually preferred since it’s the most effective way of giving notice and a defendant can hardly attack its legality. This method means in-hand delivery of lawsuit documents to the right individual.

The second method is often in the form of a notice in the newspaper. It is also referred to as constructive service since the court interprets it as valid in spite of whether the defendant goes through the notice or not. This service method is permitted by leave of court and typically gives permission only when the plaintiff shows that no other method can be used.

The third method is any method that can be used instead of personal service. While forms of this method vary among various jurisdictions, they are all aimed at providing a good chance that a defendant will find out about the proceedings. If the defendant is not at his home, most states allow service by leaving complaints and summons with a person who is old enough to comprehend the importance of accepting service.

When Can Papers Be Served?

The appropriate time for service of process is often at the court’s jurisdiction. You've Been Served.  The service, however, should be made within the period allowed by the Statute of Limitations since it’s a service that commences a lawsuit. In many states, personal and substituted service is prohibited on Sunday and legal holidays.